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Fine art photography, in limited editions, of science and technology.

I define my author projects, more visual than discursive, like...

"Quiet and reflective strolls through the microcosm of human: microspaces of his intimate nature, his science, and his technology. My impressions and expressions of this parallel universe of emotional energy."


In my teenage years, I observed to the microscope a thin slice of rock that contained an astounding amount of microfossils of single-cell animals, petrified hundreds of millions of years ago, but still telling about their morphology, their habitat, their staggering biodiversity, and their role in our evolutionary history.

Their narration took the form of amazing microlandscapes of endless mass graves full of delicate recumbent beings. And I felt the inner need to retain that passionate moment in my memory capturing it with a photograph.


The invisible nature establishes channels to communicate with humans, messages speaking about us and our place in the cosmos.

My pictures want to be an unedited vision across suggestive and baffling world, unknown but very close: a space-time distortion of tiny corners of an infinite reality.


I want to share these snapshots with other naked eyes. Viewers that so can diving into them and promenading through them leisurely: in a symbiosis of aesthetic experience, cognitive process and also a reflection on the theme captured.

Expressions of my encounters with our own nature and the technoscience present which is writing our future.

Antonio Romero

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