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May 18, 2018 (Lisbon, Portugal)


The hidden nature of our microcosm establishes visual channels of rational and emotional communication with the human, and it does so by showing us his intimate architecture.

The rational mind, always hungry for new knowledge, in its encounter with these unexplored landscapes, receives enormous amounts of information whose code can only partially be deciphered, but contribute, undoubtedly, to the development of our science and technology. It perceives astonished the overflowing and overwhelming complexity of our physical and metaphysical sub-reality, our insignificance and fragility as a tiny piece of an
infinite puzzle.

At the same time, the creative mind (of logic gates with switches of colors), this completely irrational and so exclusive plot of the homo sapiens, is trapped in a channel of emotional and aesthetic communication. Where a disconcerting space-time distortion immerses us into a parallel world of microspaces, in an unknown ambit for invisible but very close. Whose imprint left in me I retain and express in my captures, more visual than discursive.
Which, being authentic discoveries, I have the vital need to reveal and share with other naked eyes. With the ultimate desire that, as aesthetic
experiences, also in the viewer nurture your mind, your soul, your imagination, your dreams and your fragile memory.

I want to vindicate the importance of this double message that our microcosm makes come to us, with special emphasis on the emotional and
aesthetic channel that builds us and enriches us by inspiring scenarios written in a new language for contemporary art, a meeting place of the pure feeling of man with man. The unprecedented art generated in them closes the loop by contributing to the transformation of the microcosm and the human being ... and therefore of our existence in the macrocosm.

Antonio Romero

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