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Matured in the last ten years, I compile them in my web and offer them in Saatchi Art.

I define my author's projects, more visual than discursive, as calm and quiet walks through the microcosm of the human: microlandscapes of a parallel universe.

They are a selection of expressions that gather the events that take place in our creative mind, of logical doors with colored switches, when connecting with an invisible reality of emotional energy and knowledge.
A hidden reality that awaits our gaze, always hungry for new worlds and inspirations, new places to recreate the mind, where we can find clues to our essence, desires, doubts, etc. that help us to reconcile with ourselves and our own existence.
Microscopic spaces that talk about humans, their intimate nature, science and technology, and raise some relevant questions about the present and future.


An inner need arises for me to capture the thoughts and emotions generated by this cognitive and aesthetic event. That is why I want to share my intimate vision of these small corners and show them to other naked eyes and invite the spectators to immerse themselves in them and walk around them without hurry.

Nature does not hide anything, and establishes channels to communicate with humans, sometimes in "frequencies" too subtle to our limited perception. For this reason it requires us to use the right tools, and to acquire the knowledge to be able to decode and translate its language.

Light is the protagonist and indispensable companion in this space-time journey.
It writes the visual message through its capricious interaction with the microscope lens and the photonic properties of the object. It culminates in the psychophysical process that takes place in the human eye and mind, and finally converts that message into an aesthetic experience.
Which I capture in a pigment print that, when contemplated, is incorporated into the record of our stories and hysteria, and ends up being stored in our fragile memory.

The creative mind: the completely "irrational" and exclusive feature of Homo sapiens.

Antonio Romero

"Aesthetic philosophy studies and investigates the origin of pure feeling and its manifestation, that is Art."

​Immanuel Kant

Critique of Judgment

Manifesto of the Microcosm,

parallel universe,

hidden reality,

emotional energy,

time-space travel,

rational mind,

creative mind,

frail memory,

logic gates with switches of colors,

fragments of microcosm,

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leisurely strolls,

diminutive nooks of an infinite reality,

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world hidden to the naked eye,

intimate nature,

intimate vision,

latent messages,

passionate encounters,

aesthetic experiences,

scientific knowledge,

visual communication,

human’s intimate nature,

human’s science,

human’s technology,

photonics and light,

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