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As a medium for my artistic production, micro spaces of emotional energy, I use digital photography with the help of a microscope.

I am a member of the Creative Photography community LensCulture (Netherlands, USA, France), the online gallery Saatchi Art (USA), the European Microscopy Society, and the Spanish Microscopy Society.

And collaborator of the international agencies of scientific images: Science Photo Library (UK) and Science Source (USA).


1.- How I trained

I studied at the School of Art in Granada (Spain), where I was taught the Aesthetics of Photography by Vicente del Amo*, a disciple of Otto Steinert (Essen, Germany), founder of the Subjective Photography movement.

My training in the technical part of Microscope Photography, has been a mixture of self-learning, and learning during collaborations with departments from different faculties of the University of Granada and the Experimental Station of Zaidín of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

In addition to this, there has been an aesthetic and conceptual maturation derived from my artistic, professional and vital trajectory; the book of life, which we often underestimate, but which in art, tangles and builds us up as creative minds.

"I admit anything that has quality."
Otto Steinert


​​​​2.- What I have published and exhibited

Featured in creative photography magazines, art collections, and art exhibitions, like:

  • January, 2019, collective exhibition, Paris, France.

  • December, 2018, collective exhibition, Luxembour.

  • November, 2018, collective exhibition, Brussels, Belgium.

  • May, 2018, Manifesto of the Microcosm, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • May, 2018, collective exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • August, 2017, Saatchi Art (USA), curated collection.

  • May, 2017, LensCulture (Netherlands, USA, France), online publication.

  • 2015, Royal Photographic Society (UK) & UNESCO, collective exhibition.

    • July, Didcot

    • May, Cardiff

    • March, Edinburgh

    • February, Belfast

    • January-February, London


My images have been used by publishing houses and scientific publications such as:


  • LensCulture (Países Bajos, EE.UU., Francia)

  • Nature (UK).

  • American Scientist (Sigma Xi, USA)

  • Elsevier (Netherlands, USA).

  • Springer (Germany).

  • Wiley-Blackwell (USA).

  • The Lancet (UK).

  • Pearson (UK).

  • Macmillan Publishers (USA, UK)

  • Oxford University Press (UK)

  • American Psychological Association (USA).

  • American Chemical Society (USA).

  • The Medical Journal of Australia (Australia)

  • British Medical Journal (UK).

  • Pharmaceutical Journal (UK).

As well as other editorial environments, and different media of science spreading, like:

  • National Geographic (UK).

  • New Scientist, Reed Elsevier (UK).

  • BBC Focus Magazine, Science &Technology (UK).

  • Quebec Science (Canada).

  • Discover Magazine, TIME (USA).

  • BBC TV (UK).

  • Newsweek (USA).

  • Focus Pressagentur (Germany).

In addition, my photographs have been published for other creative uses in:

USA, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain.

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