My name is Antonio Romero, and I was born in Granada (Spain).

I use the photography through the microscope to express myself creatively.

The subject-matter of my artworks are mirospaces of emotional energy, like reflections and visual concepts about the microcosm of human: his intimate nature, his science, and his technology.


I am a member of the Spanish Society of Microscopy, the European Microscopy Society, and the LensCulture conmunity (curated account).



1.- How I trained

I studied at Escuela de Arte de Granada (Granada, Spain), where I was taught Aesthetics of Photography by Vicente del Amo, a disciple of Otto Steinert (founder of the Subjective Photography movement).

I am a self-taught scientific photographer and artist.

​​​​2.- What I have published and exhibited

Featured in creative photography magazines, art collections, and art exhibitions, like:

  • January, 2019, collective exhibition, Paris, France.

  • December, 2018, collective exhibition, Luxembour.

  • November, 2018, collective exhibition, Brussels, Belgium.

  • May, 2018, Manifesto of the Microcosm, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • May, 2018, collective exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • August, 2017, Saatchi Art (USA), curated collection.

  • May, 2017, LensCulture (Netherlands, USA, France), online publication.

  • 2015, Royal Photographic Society (UK) & UNESCO, collective exhibition.

    • July, Didcot

    • May, Cardiff

    • March, Edinburgh

    • February, Belfast

    • January-February, London


My images have been used by publishing houses and scientific publications such as:


  • Nature (UK).

  • American Scientist (Sigma Xi, USA)

  • Elsevier (Netherlands, USA).

  • Springer (Germany).

  • Wiley-Blackwell (USA).

  • The Lancet (UK).

  • Pearson (UK).

  • Macmillan Publishers (USA, UK)

  • Oxford University Press (UK)

  • American Psychological Association (USA).

  • American Chemical Society (USA).

  • The Medical Journal of Australia (Australia)

  • British Medical Journal (UK).

  • Pharmaceutical Journal (UK).

As well as other editorial environments, and different media of science spreading, like:

  • National Geographic (UK).

  • New Scientist, Reed Elsevier (UK).

  • BBC Focus Magazine, Science &Technology (UK).

  • Quebec Science (Canada).

  • Discover Magazine, TIME (USA).

  • BBC TV (UK).

  • Newsweek (USA).

  • Focus Pressagentur (Germany).

In addition, my photographs have been published for other creative uses in:

USA, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Italy, and Spain.