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I was born "South of Granada" (Spain), in Bérchules, a small mountain village belonging to the region of Las Alpujarras and located on the southern side of the Sierra Nevada National Park. In a context well described by the hispanist Gerald Brenan.

The passion for hidden reality that our invisible nature tells us about, goes back to my teen years, when I first observed a thin section of sedimentary rock through a petrographic microscope, in the laboratory where my father worked. It contained an astonishing number of microfossils of single-celled animals, petrified hundreds of millions of years ago, but which still told us about their morphology, their habitat, their biodiversity and their role in our evolutionary history.

At the same time, the visual narrative took the form of an endless mass grave full of delicate lying beings, as a juxtaposition of scientific information and emotional energy in a tiny corner of the cosmos.
I was captivated by the expressive force and knowledge emanating from that image, and I wanted to retain the moment in my memory by capturing it with a photograph.

From then on I decided to start learning the technique and aesthetics of photography, microscopy, etc. And also to acquire the minimum scientific knowledge to be able to interpret at least a part of the information underlying the subject.

In the early stages, the assignments and collaborations I approached (University of Granada and the Spanish National Research Council), to finance my self-taught training, were predominantly scientific and documentary in nature, aimed at a specialised academic audience. The photographs were included in research papers, scientific conferences, doctoral theses and others.At this time I became a member of the Spanish Association of Technical Specialists in Scientific Photography (AETEFC) and the European Federation of Scientific Image (EFSI).

At the same time, I became increasingly interested in the aesthetic and conceptual aspects of the images I captured, beyond their documentary content. It coincides, in fact, with the academic stage at the School of Art in Granada, where for four years I received, among other teachings, Aesthetics of Photography by Vicente del Amo, and History of Art by Carlos Cano Piedra. Both of them laid the foundations and marked without a doubt many formal and stylistic aspects in my creative process.

Later, in a second stage, my production was of a more plastic nature without neglecting scientific rigor. The images were published, in the international sphere, in academic and popular science magazines: Nature (USA), The Lancet (UK), Newswek (USA), etc.
I have worked with the two leading international scientific imaging agencies: Science Photo Library (UK) and Science Source (USA).
At the same time I participated in my first collective exhibitions of science and art images, such as those organized by the Royal Photographic Society and UNESCO in several cities of the United Kingdom.

The experiences I gathered in the two periods provided the thematic, conceptual and aesthetic framework for my current phase.
It is here that Manifesto of the Microcosm* was born, the cornerstone of my work and my identity as an artist.
The various projects that I develop are the result of the exciting and passionate encounters with the micro-spaces of emotional energy addressed in my captures.
At the same time I try to concentrate part of my time and effort on promoting this creative production in art fairs, galleries, exhibition spaces, museums and social networks.


Thus, in May 2017 I published my creative project "coal: fragments of energy and life" in the magazine LensCulture. And I become part of their community.

In November 2016 I offer my first consignment of work at the Saatchi Art online gallery. On August 24, 2017, my work fluoxetine #2 (levitating flowers), 2015 is selected for the collection curated by Jessica McQueen: "Inspired By Man Ray: New Surrealist Works".

In May 2018 I present my Manifesto of the Microcosm* at the Centro de Congressos, Lisbon, Portugal, at the international contemporary art fair Studio Lisboa 018.

Participation in various international art fairs: Studio Lisboa 018, art3f Brussels, Luxembour Art Fair and art3f Paris. Where my first exhibition experiences of complete projects take place. And in which I acquire tables in all the process of the artistic production of the works, assembly and exhibition.


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