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We are matter and energy. Every human activity and production requires energy. At the same time, as all living beings do, we depend on our environment, this planet (which provides us with the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat), whose health determines our own, that of our children's, and that of our descendants.


Every year our energy demand increases significantly, and this gluttony causes considerable damage to the environment. We should not allow our wish for comfort to jeopardize our wellbeing and endanger our future.

The goal of this project is to provide a glimpse into the microlandscapes of two different

energy resources, with almost opposite effects on the environment. I openly state my intention of enabling an aesthetic experience that sparks a reflection about the need to encourage clean and sustainable energies, and to reduce as much as possible the effects of dirty energy sources.


The photovoltaic cell is a good example of a clean, renewable, green form of energy production. It has almost no impact on the processes underlying the imminent and alarming climate change. Although their use is spreading, we are still far from a drastic reduction in our use of other energy sources that have a negative effect on our health and environment.

Coal is a fossil energy source, like oil and natural gas, and our main source in the production of electric energy. Despite its high energy efficiency coefficient, it is a non-renewable resource with serious effects on the carbon cycle and climate change.


These two series are narratives that show little-known visual aspects of both sources of energy. Hidden fragments of the cosmos that will surprise us by their suggestive morphology and chromatism. An aesthetic experience that I express like microspaces of emotional energy of the solar cell, and fragments of energy and life, in the coal.

Antonio Romero

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S    E    R    I    E    S

solar energy, color and emotional energy

coal: fragments of energy and life





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