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Our body contains several trillion cells, comprised of millions of molecules of thousands of different types, each with a specific function. This machinery is incredibly complex and highly precise, constantly self-regulated by the giant neural network of our brain (capable of trillions of operations per second) and built according to the specifications of our genome.


Each of these molecules, landmarks of human evolution, is in itself a pillar of our existence, an essential component of our bodily structure and of our fragile, vulnerable, and

fleeting existence.


The Homo sapiens sapiens, has the technological tools and the knowledge required to isolate and, in some cases, synthesize the substances depicted in

these images. But maybe we are lacking the most important ability of all: the awareness of its fragility and of how easily our body can be affected by morphological or biochemical alterations. In their vulnerability lies the origin of several diseases, which sometimes lead to death. These molecules may be altered by the effect of toxins or other harmful environmental factors, often produced by human action.


There is still a long way to go before humans can live in balance and harmony as a living organism, and finally achieve a state of complete Health.


This project contains six series of photographs depicting six fundamental substances for human beings: serine (an amino acid), hemoglobin (the carrier of oxygen in blood), biotin (vitamin B7),  

lactose (a basic component of milk and a remnant of our evolutionary legacy as mammals), cholesterol (with important biochemical and structural functions), and dopamine (a major neurotransmitter in the brain).


These snapshots show some aspects of the morphological manifestations of the six molecules at the microscopic scale, and intend to be experienced as a stroll through natural landscapes invisible to the naked eye, enthralling fragments of the microcosm to be explored at leisure.


May the humble homage to these molecules, basic constituents of our body, remind us our fragile but fascinating internal architecture of microspaces of emotional energy.  New scenarios for art that I want to show to the  the creative mind of logic gates with switches of colors.


Antonio Romero

Big Bang,

order and chaos,




human body,




organic compound,

building blocks of life,

life sciences,

molecular biology,




biomedical engineering

S    E    R    I    E    S

serine: a fragile human in a fragile world

lactose in a hungry world

hemoglobin: a fight to survive

cholesterol: an external threat

biotin, frozen nature and life

dopamine, emotions, mind and color

© Copyright: 2021

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