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"Quiet and reflective strolls through the microcosm of human:

microspaces of his intimate nature, his science, and his technology.

My impresssions and expressions of this parallel universe."

An almost invisible universe of images and knowledge. Our gaze, always hungry for new worlds, new spaces, new places to unwind our mind, finds our essence and helps us reconcile ourselves with the context of our lives.

Nature establishes channels to communicate with humans, sometimes too subtly for our limited perception.


The Universe does not hide anything, and discovering it is only a matter of using the right tool and being able to decode its language.

These messages remain hidden until we become able to see them for the first time.

I have captured some of them and now I show them to the world.

Loaded with inspiration, information, beauty, mysteries, uncertainty, and ruminations, these messages help us

get to know our world and ourselves.

My artwork is my inner need to capture, through the camera sensor and the microscope, the thoughts and emotions generated by the cognitive and aesthetic process I experience during  the passionate encounters with the invisible nature of the microscopic world, which patiently waits for a curious gaze.

These expressions are, therefore, a symbiosis of aesthetic experiences, scientific knowledge, and visual communication.

I would now like to share these snapshots of an intimate and previously-hidden vision of the world of tiny things, to have them exposed to other naked eyes, and to have

other viewers dive into them.

In exhibition spaces my images, more inviting to visual enjoyment than to the elaboration of a discourse, want to provide a leisurely, and reflective but exciting walk through the microcosmos.

They speak of humans, their nature, their place in the universe, their science and technology. This narration is a glimpse into the most relevant questions of our present and future.

Light is the main character and the indispensable partners in these photographs.

The whimsical interaction of photons with the microscope's lenses, with the optical nature of the object being captured, with the CCD, with the print and, finally, with the eye of the observer, is interpreted by our mind like an entity composed of shadows, brightness, and color. A visual message from our microcosm.

Ultimately is incorporated to the record of our perceptive, cognitive and aesthetic experiences, to our stories and hysterias. And stored in our frail memory.

Antonio Romero

fragments of microcosm,

walk through microspaces,

leisurely strolls,

diminutive nooks of an infinite reality,

parallel universe,

microscopic world,

world hidden to the naked eye,

invisible nature,

invisible landscapes,

latent messages,

passionate encounters,

aesthetic experiences,

scientific knowledge,

visual communication,

human’s intimate nature,

human’s science,

human’s technology.

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