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My name is Antonio Romero, and I was born in Granada (Spain), in a small mountain village.

My passion for the hidden reality that narrates us our invisible nature, it dates back to my teenage years, when I first observed, through a petrographic microscope, a thin slice of sedimentary rock. It contained an astounding amount of single-cell microfossils, petrified hundreds of millions of years ago but still telling a rich story about their morphology, their habitat, their staggering biodiversity, and their role in our evolutionary history. Their narration took the form of a microlandscape, like an endless mass grave full of delicate lying bodies.

Such secret scenes can be found in many of the rocks we step on while taking a walk in the park, or the countryside. Or those we make jump on the surface of the water. Never we stopping to think of the tiny world they occult.

I was captivated by the expressive strength and knowledge that image contained, and felt that I wanted to retain it in my memory with the help of a photograph.

From that moment on I decided to learn the knowledge required to capture my encounters with these microspaces: photography technique and aesthetics, microscopy, etc. And acquire the necessary scientific background.

In my early work, the shots were used to illustrate research papers and similar publications, mainly in Spain. However, all the while my interest was being drawn to the aesthetic aspects.


Some years later, my images started to become more creative and they illustrated covers of international publications: magazines, academic journals, and others.

The experiences I have collected in the decades elapsed since my beginnings, they provide the aesthetic framework, conceptually and visually, to my most recent projects, focused on what I call "creative scientific photography".

Encounters and messages which always I had the inner need to share.


"Aesthetic philosophy studies and investigates the origin of pure feeling and its manifestation, that is Art."


Immanuel Kant (Critique of Judgment).

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